TimeMind is a convenient time and disbursement recording, multi currency billing, document management and financial reporting practice management system. Customer-friendly and accessible, this is the ultimate choice for consultants and legal professionals to organize daily tasks, billing and documentation, all in one system. Always hands-on, this is the tool to manage your various interests on the spot as required. The system has been designed by users based on their requirements.

How does it work

TimeMind collates a myriad of data according to your needs, then in to clear and easy to access forms in order to help you to understand your business matters, your data and the information that concerns your profession. Usable both for lawyers-partners and associates, it creates a clear and reliable picture on the spot.

Time Recording

The basic approach of the function of time recording is to help one to catch missed billable time. Not only your recorded time on the documents, but even your mobile calls will not be lost on TimeMind. If notified about a client name and number, TimeMind will automatically record the duration of your phone calls which in turn can be compiled into the bills issued to clients.


The document management system lessens one’s workload significantly. The system is integrated, easily searchable, can be acessed from anywhere, records multi versions of documents and can make complex arrangements of access rights. Emails can be saved in TimeMind and can be searched as any other documents with full text searches as Google does.

Multi Currency Billing

TimeMind gives you an instant overview of non-billed time and expenses. A bill can be issued easily after the review, adjustments, and modifications of the data to be billed. It is a crucial function to generate the essential revenue for the practice. In combination with a proper well-designed financial process TimeMind helps to provide timely billings and revenue generation.

Financial Reporting

TimeMind’s financial reporting function is based on real time and no overnight information. It offers 21 default forms of reports with built-in-functions. TimeMind has been developed with the capability to offer custom reports, with a complex report-builder function. Once you become familiar with the system, you can build your own customized reports.


The servers are at the client’s disposal, therefore data management is under the client’s control. TimeMind provides the service background and needs no special hardware requirements. The information is stored in Microsoft SQL Server (EXPRESS EDITION is also suitable) and the communication is encrypted, secured by SSL. Usage of the system is personalized and Windows-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

TimeMind is based on client-server architecture and uses SQL server database. Therefore, all data is stored on the server of the customer. The protection level of data is therefore equal to the same level of protection that the customer applies to its IT system in general.

It has never happened during the past 20-years operational experience of the software. However, in such an unlikely and unexpected situation, files can be accessed through standard Microsoft file management functions. The files and documents can be found in the same structure as they had been saved in TimeMind.

All of your existing data can be migrated into TimeMind before its launch. You can find it in the same structure as had been stored before.

We provide general training before its launch, which proves to be more than sufficient because of the reach into ITive user interface concept. Users clearly enjoy using TimeMind.

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