TimeMind as a data and information management system lessens one’s workload significantly. The system is integrated, easily searchable, can be accessed from anywhere, records multi versions of documents and can make complex arrangements of access rights. Emails can be saved in TimeMind and can be searched just like any other documents with full text searches as Google allows. Mobile-friendly as all its functions are designed to be used from any distance. All its functions are integrated to serve its clients anywhere (given a good internet access). Overall, TimeMind is a multifaceted tool for multiple purposes.

Mobile Ready

Our PC-based world has changed a lot. Our needs are more immediate and more result oriented. We developed TimeMind functions to keep our mobile users satisfied. We know that our users’ working conditions demand exact, precise answers in a fast and readable way on their mobile tools.


TimeMind provides fast access to any document and financial data. It is very easy to select or define the requested information and therefore users will find the system expedient. Furthermore, the software architecture enables a fast speed for up and downloading once the Internet connection between the users equipment and TimeMind server is established. Both of these features provide a positive user experience that operating TimeMind is really accessible, really fast.


Users can always expect a steady, constant performance from TimeMind. It also able to handle a large volume of data simultaneously. Since its first deployment, no interruption of service has ever occurred. The actual service level satisfies the highest standards of expectations of any IT system responsible for a mission critical service.


The aim to increase profitability is also one of the core principals of TimeMind development. As a result of all the custom designed functions, there is much less service time lost. The extra revenue resulted from capturing the time period of a call between a fee earner and the client also goes into the bottom line. The system accelerates the financial engineering process, which increases profitability substantially.


Boosting efficiency was one of the core principals of our TimeMind development. The fee earners’ and business services staff’s work can be handles much more efficiently with easy time recording that can be done manually or semi-automatically through the desktop TimeMind client or outlook e-mail functions or laptop, notebook (remote access) or Blackberry or Android mobile, or IOS. One of the main feature is the “record as you go” function, based on the build-in time recording function of the most frequent working phases. The “document anywhere” function is a unique feature of TimeMind which helps to save substantial time if one is looking for specific data. The fast access nature of the system is also a major efficiency-boosting feature. Partners and management can access real-time information (people, groups, offices, financial) and could greatly benefit from the integrated functionalities of the system.

Anywhere- Anytime

TimeMind is also an integrated document management system. Once an Internet connection between the user and TimeMind server has been established, users can access all information subject to complex access rights. The system has been developed for use on mobile devices as well which enable access anywhere.


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