Since 1996, we have been developing a “practice management system”. Originally, we aimed to create a user-friendly modern time recording and multi-currency billing system. Even Clifford Chance licensed the original system for the needs of its Budapest office until it could deploy its own global system.
As a result of our continuous 20 years development, today, TimeMind is a complex efficiency and profitability boosting integrated time recording, multi-currency billing, financial reporting, document and e-mail management system working on multi platforms (desktop, mobile devices) with several innovative functionalities such as “matter explorer”, “record as you go”, “document anywhere”.

The System TimeMind

  • delivers substantial efficiency and boosts profits of its customers;
  • enjoys high users’ satisfaction due to its rich intuitive user interface;
  • has been developed from practical experiences by a team of consisting of professional IT
    specialists, a long serving administrative director and office managing partner of Clifford Chance
    Budapest for many years;
  • has been continuously tested and used by fee earners in a real office environment;
  • is designed to be capable of integrating new developments, enhancements with short (but realistic)
  • is continuously upgraded with new functions which have been initiated by any customer, and
    makes it available to all customers free of charge;
  • can also benefit from EU funding during the development phase.

We are committed to serving the consultancy community with this state of the art cutting edge technology. We are committed to meeting our clients’ future needs, for example, the current legal business market and the development of technology in general in partnership with lawyers using modern practice management systems. Working on TimeMind platform is the right answer for that challenge.

Why we created TimeMind?

On the go TimeMind was created to be a system that is always on, everywhere you go, and across every digital tool you utilise.

It works instead of you There is no more need for hours spent on searching for documents in different boxes, on shelves and in one’s computer’s or that of other colleagues.

Fast TimeMind was created by people who are actulally working in time based advisory work environment. It was from their issues, requirements and needs that this system was designed to operate easily, and in an efficient manner.


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