Designed especially for time-based advisory work, TimeMind features many practical modules.

  • on the fly recording of the work on mobiles, laptops, PCs: anywhere one uses digital tools, TimeMind records all the time and work put into the service of clients.
  • all the document versions are recorded: nothing written is lost after just one click to set up the recording system on your tools
  • TimeMind can be uploaded on your mobile tools: no distance will separate one from work and information that could be of interest anytime or anywhere;
  • constant data collation: TimeMind can do the job you need as a partner or a managing partner in any situation.

Time Recording

The basic approach of the function of time recording is to help one to record billable time that otherwise may not be noted as billable hours. Not only will your recorded time appear on documents but even your mobile calls won’t be lost to TimeMind. If notified about a client name and number, TimeMind will automatically record the duration of your phone calls which in turn can be included into the bills given to clients. If one needs to make many phone calls during an advisory capacity, then TimeMind is the best possible help provided by software. The constant availability of TimeMind makes it possible to record instantly all your activities with your clients in any environment. Its mobile-friendly version and its accessibility to the company software extends the occasions you can easily record all the activities you had on behalf of your clients.

Document Handling

TimeMind makes it much easier to see, overview and handle the documents one works on in the present and those that were created in the past. It’s clear logging and tagging system gives you an instant overview of the list of lawyers who worked on the documents, records all of their contributions and preserves all the versions that were created during the process.

Providing a Bill

TimeMind gives you and instant overview of your pending bills, caps, incoming and outgoing receipts. A prompt performance irrespective of the speed of your internet connection. Just a few clicks and you have the details or the overview you need.

HR Functions

TimeMind has a basic HR function capability. It stores all relevant basic data of the fee earners, the history of their employment, their group membership, and charge rate. The system has a built-in inactive date summary, with semi-automatic e-mail notification, which help to monitor fee earners activity and availability. The system also provides an out of office timeline which helps to monitor resources and cost allocation.

Why Choose us?

If you decide to deploy TimeMind Practice Management System you will operate on a State of Art system, a system that has been developed from practical „real world” experience.

• It improves the efficiency of law firm management and boost the profitability of the firm. Capturing more time of the client oriented task you can therefore charge more consultancy fees.

• Any investment in TimeMind would very easily be translated into an increased top line for the business and boost profitability.

• The team has considerable knowledge and experience of a consultancy firm’s requirements and processes.

• TimeMind has been the basis of the operation of one of the leading law firm in Budapest, Lakatos, Köves and Partners and it has, since 1997, provided a stable consistent network.

• Compared to other systems, TimeMind provides unique flexibility in terms of the satisfaction of client-customize needs.


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